STM Data Analysis

Working with Montreal public transit datasets

Winter 2016

As a daily user of public transit, I’m always interested in discovering cool facts about the transit network, and building tools to save me time in planning my commute. Starting from the STM’s open datasets, I developed next bus, and current location displays.



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Further Development

  • The STM has now introduced real-time bus tracking systems on most buses, and has pledged to make this data available to developers… eventually. This information opens up numerous possibilities, including providing accurate information in the commuter and bus detector tools, analyzing the on-time performance of the network, and re-routing to avoid delays.
  • The AMT provides real-time tracking information for its commuter trains. As I ride the rails for fun, I’m keen on playing with this data sometime soon.
  • It is possible to build a tool to find the next, nearest bus out of an area. This would be very useful for me, when I end up in some random borough and am not really sure how to get home.
  • Other cities have real-time bus tracking already, including Laval and Sudbury. Both are also very supportive of open data projects, as well.